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Clearwipe Lens Cleaner are microfibre soft wipes designed to clean glasses, sunglasses and smartphones with just one wipe. Clearwipe removes grease and dirt with just one wipe and there is no need to wipe dry.

How does Clearwipe Lens Cleaner work?


The microfibre soft wipe has a special texture that traps and removes grease and dirt easily without leaving any residue. Furthermore the semi-moist wipe contains just the right amount of cleanser so as to leave the lens beautifully clean without the need for wiping dry.



Removes grease and dirt
No need to wipe dry
Superior cleaning power due to microfibre technology
Cleans with just one wipe

Product Range

Lens Cleaner


Clearwipe are microfibre soft wipes designed to clean your glasses with just one wipe. The individually packaged wipes removes dirt and grease easily and there’s no need to wipe dry with a separate cloth. The wipes are also suitable for use on sunglasses or smart phones. Available as a 20 pack.


  • Open sachet and remove a wipe
  • Unfold wipe and lightly wipe to remove dust and grease. If sand or other coarse materials are on the lenses, first rinse the lenses with water
  • Lenses dry instantly for a streak-free shine


>30% Isoproyl Alcohol

> 30% Water

< 5% Perfume

For full instructions and precautions please refer to the product packaging.


  • For external use only
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not use on eyes
  • Not for use with contact lenses or liquid crystal screens
  • Do not use on frames made of tortoise shell or gems
  • Do not use if rash or skin irritation is present
  • Do not use on lenses with scratched or damaged surfaces or with peeling or flaking coating
  • May cause deterioration of lenses
  • Flammable: keep away from open flame